KINOVA Gen3 Lite Robots

The new standard in educational robotics

The Gen3 lite is the newest and most compact arm in
Kinova’s ultralight robot series, perfectly suited
for professional academic-level education needs.

Experience the new Kinova Gen3 Lite

Redefining the Standard for Compact Professional Robots

The Gen3 Lite is designed to be accessible to all levels of expertise. You will have full control, whether it’s for simple manipulation tasks or programming more complex applications in languages like MATLAB, ROS, C++, and Python.

Installation in less than 10 minutes

Start teaching your robot simple manipulation and grasping sequences right away.


  Ultra lightweight
Portable(Easy set up in less than 10 minutes)
Comes with an Educational Package*
Simple connectivity (USB, Ethernet, RNDIS)
• Connect to the Kinova Web App from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
Uses Powerful and robust Kinova® Kortex™ API software


*Introduce Gen 3 Lite with Forward and inverse kinematics, trajectory planning, Modeling

  • 6DOF

    KINOVA Gen 3 Lite Robotic Arm

    The newest and most compact member in the Kinova ultra lightweight robots series, Gen3 lite offers a more cost-efficient option if you’re looking for one or multiple professional-grade robots to perform light manipulation tasks.

    For technical details, please visit Kinova website.

    6 DOF

    •  WRIST ANGLE – 90°
    •  WEIGHT – 5.4 kg
    •  PAYLOAD – 0.5 kg
    •  REACH – 760 mm

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